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Marina Quiroga, Buenos Aires, 1987.
Drawn to the world of art since early childhood, Marina never once doubted that she would dedicate her life to artistic projects. In 1998, her career as a professional singer began. When she was 11, Marina made her first road trip. From there onwards, her passion and constant restlessness led her into multiple performances all over her native country, Argentina, and finally, into several unplanned performances as a guest singer in cities such as New York or Sao Paulo.
Marina Quiroga took part in diverse artistic workshops. Always defining music as her main means of communication and artistic expression, she made formal studies in the Escuela de Música Popular de Avellaneda (EMPA). Moreover, she studied Afro-American music in the Instituto de Estudios de Jazz (IDEJazz) department of the Universidad de Flores (Flores University –UFLO), which is affiliated to the International Society of Jazz Research, based in Gratz, Austria.

Marina currently studies Composition in the Conservatorio Superior Manuel de Falla, a national conservatory of world-wide fame.
Among her teachers, Guadalupe Raventos, Hernán Merlo, Ricardo Capellano and Annie Ross (NY) may be considered some of the most salient.

Some Significant Performances

Buenos Aires festival in honor of Victoria and Silvina Ocampo ,
Centro Cultural Recoleta
Dia de la No Violencia Festival, sponsored by the UN
Viernes Sin Techo cycle, Arte Sin Techo
Jazz en el Subte Festival, in Buenos Aires public subway
Didactic Concerts, cycle organized by SAdeM
A.M.I.A. Concert
Lucha contra el Sida Festival (Fight Against Aids)
TV and Radio shows.

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